Our Real Estate Sales Philosophy
Agilon Properties LLC is a family owned brokerage. Whether we serve you as a buyer’s agent or as a seller’s agent, you will always receive our personal attention to every detail.

Our Property Management Philosophy
Agilon Properties LLC has been managing residential property in the Puget Sound area since 1979. One of the most notable ways we differ from other management firms is our 30 day Owner/Agency contract. If you are not completely satisfied with the way we are managing your property, you simply give us notice and you are free to seek another service provider. It is commonplace in the property management field to lock the property owner into a one year Owner/Agency contract, almost always with a cancellation penalty or setup charge of several hundred dollars. We do not – because it is our belief that we must earn your confidence and satisfaction every day.

Agilon Properties LLC offers two monthly management payment options. Under Placement Plan A, you are charged a low monthly management fee, then incur a placement charge to locate and qualify a new tenant when the dwelling becomes vacant. Under the No-Placement Plan B, the monthly charge is higher, but there is never a fee paid to locate and qualify a new tenant, regardless of how often the dwelling might become vacant. The No-Placement Plan is likely to be more attractive to you if you have concerns about frequent tenant turnovers, or if you wish to avoid the up-front outlay of procuring a tenant.

There are never any hidden charges. This means that you will not receive a surprise statement from us detailing domestic long distance telephone charges, book-keeping charges, copying charges, postage charges, etc. The monthly management rate is all-inclusive. Some management firms take until the 25th of the month to send you a disbursement check and statement! We issue disbursements and monthly statements by the 15th of the month.

At Agilon Properties, we take a conservative approach in procuring tenants to ensure a demonstrated credit, rental and employment history. This includes collecting a damage/security deposit to improve the likelihood of adequate financial reserves.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your property management questions or needs. Please also explore our web site for additional information on management fees and properties available for lease.