The application evaluation process includes a credit history check, a criminal record check, an employment history check and a tenancy history check. You are encouraged to discuss any known issues on your record prior to submitting the application form and credit check fee. Once the application is submitted to the reporting agency, no refund is possible.

Upon completion of a satisfactory application report, a payment for first month’s rent and the required deposit is due in order to secure the dwelling. In the situation where multiple prospective tenants make application for a unit, the first application-approved party (i.e., satisfactory credit/employment/criminal/tenancy history) to make the required funds payment will be granted the tenancy. If you have an outstanding history report (in all categories), but are unable to make the full payment of the required funds in a single payment, please discuss your situation with us. It may be possible to arrange a payment schedule, based on the strength of your credit report.

We require a one year lease for all properties, unless the owner has indicated a different preference. Special case exceptions may be made under some conditions, and with owner approval. There is a penalty charge for prematurely terminated leases, in addition to the mandated statutory lease obligations. To apply, view our rentals and click the “Apply Now” button.