How long has Agilon Properties been managing property?

Agilon Properties LLC has been managing residential properties in the greater Seattle-Tacoma-Eastside area since 1979. The founders of Agilon Properties continue to operate the business today. Thus, you will always be dealing with one of the owners.

What makes Agilon Properties different from other management firms?

Property management is a service business. At Agilon Properties, we focus exclusively on serving our residential property owners. At Agilon Properties, our business survival depends on how well we serve you and the value we add to your operations. We have kept this thought in mind from the day we signed our very first client in 1979. The fact that the founders of Agilon Properties LLC are still actively managing properties after 35 years is testimonial to our stability and experience.

Can you supply me with a list of references?

We will be happy to supply you with a list of references. We include a list of references when we mail you an information package. An information package may be requested by telephone, or email. Please contact us to request an information package. Due to privacy considerations, we do not publish reference information on the Internet.

What are some questions I should ask when I am shopping for a property manager?

  • How long have you been managing properties?
  • What is your approach to minimize or eliminate rental problems before they occur?
  • Do you charge a full month’s rent or more to place a tenant?
  • Do you charge more than 8% per month for monthly management services?
  • Do you add monthly charges for postage and long distance phone calls?
  • Do you require the owner to lock into a 1 year management agreement?
  • Do you charge a setup fee or penalty to cancel the management agreement?
  • Do you charge a management fee for periods that a unit is vacant?