As an owner you may elect a management plan in which Agilon Properties LLC provides any combination of Leasing Services (Tenant Placement) or Monthly Management. If you wish to discuss other options or alternatives for services, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your desires. It is our aim to be responsive to each Owner’s individual situation.

Leasing Service (Tenant Placement):

  • 75% of one month’s rent.

Monthly Management:
Placement – Plan A: Leasing Service Fee Incurred For Every Tenant Turnover

  • First Unit: 9% of monthly rent ($75.00 minimum).
  • Units 2-5: 8.5% of rents (no minimum charge with multiple units).
  • 6+ Units: Negotiated.
  • Leasing Service Fee: 75% of one month’s rent when tenant turnover
  • Annual Lease Renewal: $300 (includes interior and exterior inspection, lease negotiation & signing, written report to owner)

No-Placement – Plan B: Never A Leasing Fee

  • First Unit: 15% of monthly rent ($100.00 minimum).
  • Units 2-5: 14.5% of rents (no minimum charge with multiple units).
  • 6+ Units: Negotiated.
  • Leasing Service Fee: None
  • Annual Lease Renewal: Included
Other Charges:
Paid By Tenant Applicants:

  • Credit Report & background check

Paid By Property Owner (When Applicable):

  • Eviction
  • Legal
  • Repair
  • Advertising
  • Check Stop Payment
  • Special Services: Extraordinary requests for services beyond normal property management duties (such as contract management) may be assessed a fee. All such cases will be authorized by the Owner prior to incurring any costs.

Never A Charge For:

  • Book-keeping setup and accounting.
  • Monthly and yearly computerized account statements.
  • Correspondence and long distance domestic (USA) phone calls.
  • Mortgage paying and disbursements.
  • Evictions & collections initiated.

Upon acceptance as a tenant, you will have 48 hours to deliver your non-refundable holding fee. This non-refundable holding fee will convert to your security deposit upon lease signing. All move in funds are to be paid by cashier check or money order.