Our job is to add value to your real estate operations and to your life. We do this primarily by executing the day-to-day tasks necessary to keep your property maintained and rented at its fullest potential. But perhaps just as importantly, we provide the peace-of-mind and experience needed to deal with the extraordinary. Some examples of this are compliance with lead paint disclosure laws and non-paying or difficult tenants. While an eviction is a rare action, every landlord, given enough time, will sooner or later face a challenging tenant. When an Owner is dealing directly with a tenant, it is sometimes difficult to act objectively and with conviction.

Property management services, for the most part, fall into one or both of the following categories: (1) Leasing Services and/or (2) Monthly Management.

Leasing Services
Leasing Services include advertising the property, showing the property to prospective tenants, arranging for any needed cleanup and/or repairs prior to occupancy, processing the tenant’s application including a credit check, criminal activity history, record of collections and judgments, rental history verification and employment verification, and collecting first month’s rent, damage and security deposit, cleaning fees and a pet deposit (if a pet is allowed), then meeting with the tenant prior to taking occupancy to perform a walk-through and complete a Move-In checklist and turn over the keys. All credit report application fees are paid directly by the applicant. The credit report information is available through national, on-line credit reporting agencies. This is a printed report which is retained for the record. Agilon Properties LLC charges a placement fee for renting or leasing your property only when there is an actual turnover of tenants.

Each tenant is required to sign a Move-In Checklist form which is completed during a walk-through prior to occupancy. Prior to the tenant vacating the unit, we walk through the unit again with the tenant and verify the condition against that noted on the original Move-In Checklist. Damages are appropriately noted and deducted from the tenant’s deposit.

Agilon Properties LLC will advertise your property via your choice of options. Window signs are provided at no charge, unless you prefer no visible signage. Yard signs are available for a nominal fee. Additionally, we will place photographs and a description of your property on our website Homes For Lease section. We typically get a large number of prospective renter inquiries through the Agilon Properties website. We will place advertisements in local newspapers if that is the Owner’s choice. Up until a few years ago, newspaper advertising was the most effective advertising medium, but with the Internet, this is no longer the case. In addition to the Agilon Properties website, we also typically advertise your home on various free (such as craigslist.org) and paid websites that have demonstrated effective results. We also obtain continual requests for rentals from prospective tenants through our yellow pages advertising, out-of-town placement services and referrals.

Monthly Management
Monthly management includes rent collections, accounting, the handling of minor repairs, service coordination, answering questions and dealing with any issues that may arise. Monthly management provides a buffer between you and your building’s tenants. As a result of a careful and time-tested tenant selection process, it is not often that we experience a truly problem tenant. While your unit is occupied, Agilon Properties LLC will process emergency property needs (e.g. leaking water heater, dangerous conditions, etc.) as authorized by Washington State Law. Non-emergency repairs will be dispatched through repair services of your choice, or if authorized by you, through trade services with whom we customarily deal. It is not our practice to obtain competitive bids for routine or smaller jobs, unless requested. This is because we have found that we obtain consistency of workmanship and favorable pricing by dealing with a preferred set of providers. Additionally, Agilon Properties LLC can obtain discounted floor covering (carpet, vinyl, tile, etc.) through a wholesaling arrangement we have with a local supplier, should flooring be damaged or in need of replacement. There is no additional charge for our services to coordinate routine repair and cleaning services.

Agilon Properties LLC will make all directed periodic payments (mortgage, homeowners association dues, etc.) A monthly disbursement will be made to your mailing address of record or bank account. You will receive a computerized monthly, year-to-date and annual report, including a 1099-DIV form for facilitating the preparation and filing of your annual tax return. These activities are included in the basic fee and no additional book-keeping charges are assessed for account setup.